Anderson Daily Mail

April 19, 1902

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Two Gallant Soldiers Have Passed Over the River

            Mr. Baylus Nicholson died at his home in Walhalla April 10.  In early life he married Miss Elizabeth Whitmire, who died a few years later, leaving two children.  His second wife was Miss Jane A. Rowland, who, with nine children, survives.  At the outbreak of the civil war Mr. Nicholson volunteered in the service of the Confederacy.  He was a member of Company A, Orr’s Regiment of Rifles, McGowan’s Brigade, until about a year before the surrender, when he was transferred to Dunlap’s Battalion of Sharpshooters, of which he was one of the most efficient and enthusiastic members.

R. B. Lindsey died at his home at Walhalla on April 12 of Bright’s disease, in the 55th year of his age.  He was born at Cross Hill, Laurens county, but had been living at Walhalla about 25 years.  He was a faithful soldier in the Confederate army and a respected citizen.  He leaves a widow, who was Miss Fannie Neeley, but no children.

Mr. Joe Thompson, son of William Thompson, died at Newry on April 8.  He was about 25 years old.  The interment was at Hopewell church, near Westminster.

Thomas, the four-year-old son of Mr. P. D. Grant, died at Walhalla April 15 of meningitis.

Phillis Evans, a respected colored woman, died at her home in Walhalla Wednesday evening.  She was one of the old-time colored people, who had the respect and confidence of the white people, and she will be greatly missed.

[Transcribed by Sharon Strout]