Charleston Daily Courier

December 5, 1864


            As the name Captain KANAPAUX occurs with honorable mention in all reports of the battle of Wednesday, 30th ult., near Grahamville, a word of explanation is due to the fact that two brothers of this name and family are Captains commanding Artillery Companies, and several others--all the brothers--are or have been in service; and the father, whose example and precepts and training turned our such a family of soldiers, is not yet old enough to dodge or claim or plead any excuse when honor and duty call for “senior supporters.”

            We believe it is Captain J. T. KANAPAUX, of the Lafayette Artillery, of and from this city, who is mentioned in the action of Honey Hill--a mention which would have been shared and claimed in soldierly  and brotherly emulation by the other Captain of the name and blood, Captain CHARLES E. KANAPAUX, had occasion permitted.

            As it was at one time necessary in the Army of the West to state “which WALKER” when reporting the deeds of any WALKER, it will be well for all to give specific distinctiveness to any mention of Captain KANAPAUX in affairs occurring in or near this district.


[Transcribed by Sharon Strout]