Charleston Daily Courier

December 5, 1864

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Provide for the Sick and Wounded

Editors Courier—Now that the enemy have renewed their efforts to penetrate our State, the number of sick and wounded men will be multiplied in our hospitals; and there will, hence, be need of larger contributions from the community in behalf of our soldiers.  Let those who have heretofore contributed to this paramount interest, redouble the zeal and liberality.  The care of the sick is a duty of religion, so sacred that it will one of the tests of the final judgment; and in all this class none appeal so tenderly to our hearts, as the sons, fathers, husbands, brothers, who, for all our sakes, have not counted their lives dear unto themselves, but uncomplainingly endure cold and hunger, marches and watches and perils of the battle, that our homes and altars may be inviolate, our honor untarnished, and our country free.  Gifts for their relief will be thankfully received, and the bags and boxes returned to the “donors.”  Rags, turkey wings, soap, arrow root, stimulants, coffee, tea, sugar, clothing, writing paper, and every variety of hospital stores, will be acceptable.  Contributions sent to any of the hospitals along the line of our State rail roads can be forwarded to their place of destination.


Chaplain of Hospitals


[Transcribed by Sharon Strout]