Greensborough Patriot

November 6, 1862

Page 1


            COL. C. C. TEW—This gallant and accomplished officer, a native of South Carolina, fell while leading his regiment on the bloody field of Sharpsburg, stricken in the head by a ball, while a second wound hastened his death.  A writer, alluding to the event says:

            The services of Colonel Tew were no doubt, rendered quietly and unostentatiously, but they were not the less solid, useful, and patriotic.  On the coast of North Carolina, in the neighborhood of Fredericksburg, in the seven day’s battle about Richmond in the rapid campaign from the Rappahannock through Maryland to Sharpsburg, he was the officer—prompt, thorough and efficient, true to duty and to his country.


[Transcribed by Sharon Strout]