Greensborough Patriot

February 12, 1863

Page 3


MAGNANIMOUS CONDUCTóWe learn that when Capt. Garrett was made Colonel of the 5th North Carolina State Troops, on the resignation of Col. McRae, Capt. Hill, who was entitled to the position of Lieutenant Colonel in the line of promotion, was appointed to that office, and Capt. Lea was appointed Major.But Capt. Hill, with singular magnanimity declined the position, and returned his commission to Gov. Vance, with the understanding that Capt. Lea should fill that place, on the ground that Capt. Lea was better qualified for, and more entitled to the office of Lieutenant Colonel than he was.Capt. Hill therefore, becomes Major and Capt. Lea Lieutenant Colonel of the Regiment.Such instances of unselfishness are rare, even in the army.Capt. Hill is a noble hearted man, and as brave as he is unselfish.



[Transcribed by Sharon Strout]